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About Us

We started vaping in January 2011. After getting some very nasty E-liquid from a nationally known so called "premium" E-liquid manufacturer who refused to make it right. After months of research we started making our own in May 2011.

After thousands of bottles sold, we were challenged by a couple of customers to make an "Ultra Premium E-liquid" just for dripping and cloudchasing

Dripclouds is designed to be vaped at high power. Our nicotine levels are 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12. This is MAXIMUM VG e-liquid designed for cloud chasing. Not only would you be able to use this E-liquid to make some pretty tasty clouds, it is something you can drip every day.

We make each flavor in very small batches to control the integrity and quality of each batch. Each flavor is steeped for at least 30 days in an exclusive process before it is able to be sold. No other E-liquid manufacturer we know uses this process. Each flavor is numbered such as "strawberry #6". When #6 is gone, it's gone."Strawberry #7" will be different, but will still carry the same quality as the last.

We limit ourselves to just 10 flavors. No need for hundreds, you will love one of them. We will make 2 special flavors each year. Those special run flavors, if suggested by one of our customers, will be named after the customer and will receive the first 3 botttles of their flavor at no cost.